5 Things You Should Not Do In Cabo

A List of Things You Should Not Do While Visiting Cabo

What Should You Not Do In Cabo San Lucas?

Cabo San Lucas offers vacationers an amazing variety of things to do, see and explore. From unspoiled beaches, beautiful ocean views and charming marinas to gourmet restaurants, chic nightclubs and luxury Los Cabos properties. This beautiful Mexican town is a top destination spot for many people worldwide. However, if you want this to be your best trip ever, then listen up and remember these 5 things that you should not do when in Cabo San Lucas.

  1. Don’t Hire A Taxi From The Airport

The much cheaper option is to bypass the airport taxis entirely and find a shuttle service (or arrange your own transportation) that will take you when you arrive. Shuttles usually run to hotels, resorts and private residences only. It’s a good idea to make arrangements with your hotel or resort prior to arriving in Los Cabos. This can ensure a more cost effective transport solution for you. As for airport taxi prices in general, you will pay around $80 USD/1,487 pesos for a regular taxi from the Los Cabos Airport to Cabo San Lucas.

  1. Don’t Rely On The Marina For Good Eats

If you have been vacationing in Cabo San Lucas and staying by the Marina then you probably haven’t ventured out to other parts of town. Well, my friends, I highly recommend that you should. The food around the Marina is slightly expensive due to the fact that it has become very touristy and people new to Cabo San Lucas will stop there first. But if you keep walking a little further down the road towards downtown you can find some of the best places to eat with better prices and better food.

  1. Avoid Drinking The Water In Cabo

With the exception of a few highly regarded resorts and restaurants, it’s not safe to drink from the tap or use ice made from tap water in Mexico. Although there are international standards regulating water treatment, enforcement is lax, and many of the smaller communities that have been left behind economically still have older systems that have not been upgraded to bring them up to code. Also, if you are a traveler who likes adventure and exploring off beaten paths then your risk of ingesting bacteria and parasites grows exponentially. 

  1. Don’t Forget Your Sun Protection

The weather in Mexico can be extreme. Whether you’re sitting at a cafe on the main drag in San Jose del Cabo or hanging out by one of the pools at your Cabo villa, make sure you have sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen available. You never know when you might encounter some of those intense Mexican sun rays.

  1. Don’t Take Risks In Cabo

Cabo is one of the safest beach destinations, however you shouldn’t let your guard down. Don’t be flashy with your valuables, stay on populated and well-lit streets in the evening and don’t take any risks while traveling, especially with strangers.

It’s no secret that Cabo is a great place to visit in Baja California. Whether you go to relax, go on vacation, or just to live in San Jose del Cabo, it’s a must visit destination. Follow the above 5 tips and make the most out of your Mexican experience. 

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