Cabo embraces stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine


Groundbreaking therapy treatments are impacting tourism with travelers spending more time in Cabo to enjoy a healthier lifestyle for better and longer lives!

Unparalleled Health and Rejuvenation at the Prestigious Stemaid Institute in Scenic Los Cabos.

Los Cabos, Mexico—a sanctuary of stunning landscapes, world-class cuisine, and unmatched hospitality—unveils yet another facet of its allure with the rise of medical tourism. Central to this innovative field is Stemaid Institute, a beacon of medical excellence situated in the serene environs of San Jose del Cabo.

Stemaid Institute is not merely a medical facility; it’s a pioneer in the transformative world of stem cell therapy. Globetrotters and discerning individuals choose Stemaid not only for its revolutionary approach but also for the bespoke therapies that address a complex array of health challenges.

A distinguished team, comprising revered scientists and medical experts, harness the profound potential of pluripotent stem cells to craft therapies that are not just treatments, but gateways to enhanced vitality and health. Each protocol is meticulously tailored, consistently placing the institute at the forefront of the field, particularly in treating elusive conditions such as Lyme disease, Parkinson’s, and arthritis.

Beyond the therapeutic realm, the “Stem Cell Facelift” offers a rejuvenating alternative to traditional cosmetic procedures. This signature treatment employs a pluripotent stem cell serum to diminish signs of aging, revitalizing skin to its youthful radiance—no surgery required.

Patient-centric care is the cornerstone of the institute’s philosophy. At Stemaid Institute, individuals are not just patients but cherished guests. Dedicated professionals are at their service, ready to tailor their journey to health with continuous support and personalized treatment plans.

Conveniently located in the luxurious Palmilla Dunes plaza, Stemaid Institute is nestled amidst high-end boutiques and gourmet dining, ensuring each medical journey is coupled with leisure and exclusivity. This harmonious blend of luxury and wellness is what makes Stemaid Institute a venerated destination in the realm of medical tourism.

Prepare to immerse in unparalleled medical expertise and serene luxury at Stemaid Institute. The journey to rejuvenation begins in the heart of the captivating San José del Cabo. It’s not just about treatment; it’s about transforming life.

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Here is some additional information about Stem cell therapy.

Understanding Cellular Senescence

Cellular senescence is a significant factor in aging and age-related diseases. Senescent cells (SnCs) are cells that have stopped growing, deviating from the normal cell cycle, but remain metabolically active and release various factors. Many of these factors, such as inflammatory cytokines and growth factors, contribute to chronic inflammation and tissue damage, promoting aging processes.


Implications for Age-Related Diseases

Senescent cells tend to accumulate in tissues affected by age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disorders, osteoporosis, diabetes, and liver cirrhosis. Studies have shown that transplanting senescent cells into young animals can induce aging-related impairments, suggesting that a critical number of senescent cells can trigger disease progression. Researchers are actively seeking senolytic compounds to reduce senescent cell burden in aging tissues.


The Anti-Aging Potential of Pluripotent Products

Recent articles have highlighted the anti-aging potential of our pluripotent products. For instance, a study in 2020 demonstrated that exposing partially senescent bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells to pluripotent stem cell derived exosomes (Plurisomes™) can rejuvenate them. When doctors harvest stem cells from fat or bone marrow for treatments, the cells may carry age-related changes and some senescent cells. Rejuvenating these cells with pluripotent stem cell derived exosomes (Plurisomes™) can enhance their efficiency in organ repair. (


Enhancing Cognitive Function

Another study in 2020 showed that exposure to pluripotent stem cell derived exosomes (Plurisomes™) rejuvenated senescent neural stem cells from the hippocampus, potentially improving cognitive function in patients with vascular dementia. Patients often report clearer thinking and improved focus after receiving treatment with pluripotent stem cell derived exosomes (Plurisomes™), indicating enhanced brain function. Plurisomes™ can cross the brain-blood barrier, enhancing brain structure and reducing senescent cell burden to support long-term brain health. (


Promoting Brain Health

“I feel sharper”, “my head feels clearer”, and “I am able to focus and design again” – we receive these comments frequently at the clinic. Brain function improvements often manifest before other organ improvements. Our pluripotent stem cell derived exosomes (Plurisomes™) can penetrate the brain-blood barrier, enhancing its structure. By reducing the presence of senescent cells in the brain, our products help maintain brain health for the long term.

NEW health & wellness clinic coming soon to palmilla!



Coming soon to Cabo the Regenerative Medicine Institute (RMI) specializes in groundbreaking treatments to manage the impact of aging and longer lives and is currently under construction. RMI has assembled an experienced clinical team, a cutting-edge stem cell lab, and, most importantly, safe and effective longevity solutions backed by data-driven results. New Health Clinics like this is drawing in people for treatments to improve the quality of their live, and what better place that in beautiful Los Cabos.

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