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Born and raised in the Seattle, Washington area, Ed founded and managed a successful import-export business for over 40 years. Ed’s work and collaboration with the global community brought with it an understanding of the varied aspects of purchasing and selling high-value items worldwide. Maintaining many of those business relations and resulting friendships has provided him with great insight and respect for diverse cultures and the sometimes unspoken needs of clientele.

With that insight, and his 16+ years as a successful Real Estate Associate in Los Cabos, comes a proven talent for aiding in determining how to reach your goals for living or investing in a future life in BCS.

Ed first came to Cabo in 2000. By 2004 he and his wife were already invested in a time-share and visiting Cabo 3-5 times per year. His last trip south was a one-way ticket purchased by his wife, with the admonition, “stay until you find a church, get a condo, and find an income source.” They are both now permanent residents of this beautiful and majestic area, with intentions of going North only to vacation.
Ed’s philosophy is pretty simple; “whether you’re here vacationing or here for business, your time is extremely valuable. We look forward to aiding you in bringing that dream to fruition by first listening intently and then bringing your vision to life.” So give us a call; we’ll be here for you every step of the way.

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