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Cabo can be an excellent investment opportunity for real estate investors.

The beautiful region of Baja California comes in two parts, separated by the Gulf of California. The larger northern part of the peninsula is known as the Baja California Peninsula, while its southern tip is called “The Cape” or Los Cabos. Los Cabos is set at the point where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortés—and it’s considered to be the southernmost tip of North America.


Though commonly referred to as Los Cabos, Los Cabos de Baja California Sur is actually three separate “cabos” or capes. Each cape represents the northern boundary of the respective Mexican states of Baja California (BC), Baja California Sur (BCS), and Sonora (Son).


Los Cabos is the southernmost region of the Mexican state of Baja California, located about 400 miles south of San Diego and 120 miles southwest of Tijuana. The region is popular among tourists and has a population of just over 157,000, almost all in the capital city, La Paz. This ranks it as the second-largest community in Mexico as well as one of the largest in the country.


Los Cabos offers the amazing sights of desert, cactus-covered landscapes and white sandy beaches set against a backdrop of towering rock formation and tropical blue waters. Otherwise known as the “Land’s End” and also referred to as “Mexico’s Romantic Coastline”. 


Do Your Research Before You Invest

Cabo, Mexico is one of the most popular places in the world to invest in real estate thanks to its favorable climate, good infrastructure and proximity to more populated areas of America. The country is made up of 31 states (equivalent to provinces) which are further broken down into municipalities (cities). From North to South there are two main Real Estate regions; Baja California and Baja California Sur. These can be considered as investment havens due to their distinct climatic and geographical features.


The Baja coastal region of Mexico is a land of distinction and opulence. The region responds to the growing needs of those looking to invest in a piece of paradise, largely by providing buyers with a range of waterfront properties, villas and condos along with luxury real estate accommodations. If you have been thinking about making a significant investment in living, working and retiring abroad but have not yet been able to fully explore all your options, you will find some potentially rewarding solutions in the Baja Peninsula.


With this in mind, those who are looking at the Baja as a potential retirement hot spot may want to do as much research as possible before they invest. Even with the credit crunch and declining property prices, there is still a strong market for investment property in Baja – and elsewhere – and it is important to be sure that you make an educated decision before you buy. 


It is worth remembering that, with some research and planning beforehand, there are also excellent opportunities for making money from property investments even though property prices have fallen.


Get Great Advice By Hiring A Realtor In Los Cabos

If you have ever felt lost when making a property investment in Los Cabos, the need to hire the services of an expert in this field will be revealed to you. In recent times, Mexico has become one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world. With the rise of its popularity as a tourist destination, many Los Cabos properties have been transformed and are thriving in the real estate market. 


The fact that there are a large number of vacant properties attracts a lot of potential buyers to this market as well. However, it is important to make sure that all your interests are well protected and represented by someone who is very familiar with the area and its regulations. Below are 6 questions you should ask your real estate company in Los Cabos before buying property:


  1. Are you legally licensed to work in Los Cabos, Mexico?;

  2. Can my property be used for both residential and commercial purposes?;

  3. Can my property be used for both vacation and investment purposes?;

  4. Are there any tax incentives or credits available when buying my property?;

  5. What are the development trends in the area where my property is located?; and

  6. Will my property be affected when building work is ongoing in the area where I want to purchase?


Let’s face it, buying a property or investing in real estate is not always easy and can sometimes be tricky. There are countless things to consider and numerous pieces of information you need to decipher before making one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life. Luckily, with the help of a good local realtor in Los Cabos, the process can be easier than you think.


Buy The Right Property For You And Your Family And Future Plans

The rapidly expanding Los Cabos real estate market is a result of its economic and political ties to the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia, which have been significant for years. While these ties have drawn a new wave of development in the area, the true wealth of the market stems from a number of things including a time zone that still makes business with international investors feasible, a far more amenable environmental climate than elsewhere along the Mexico coast and a largely English speaking population with roots in both North American and European communities.


Retirees are choosing more and more to live in so-called “golden years” destinations including Baja California. To meet the needs of international retirees, Los Cabos has established the first designated area on the Baja Peninsula that offers a choice of properties for sale both large and small, ranging from condos to luxury villas, golf properties, beachfront homes on bayside areas, homes with views of the Sea of Cortez and mountain side hideaways.


The Oceanside Home Of Your Dreams Is More Attainable Than Ever

Almost everyone wishes to own a home on the water, but most homeowners find that property in coastal areas is either too expensive or too difficult to purchase. In recent years, the popularity of property in Los Cabos has increased due to a variety of factors including unprecedented appreciation in real estate values and a growing international tourism industry. 


Homes in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur have seen tremendous appreciation while at the same time it is far easier for foreigners to buy homes in Los Cabos than many other beachfront resorts. This makes owning the oceanside home of your dreams more attainable than ever. 

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