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Having lived most of her life in cold and rainy climates, Karen’s first opportunity to spend five days in Cabo became a trip to this paradise 3-5 times annually. With children grown and on their own, it was an easy transition from hotel-hopping during those initial visits to realizing there was a wonderful alternative available.

“Ah, permanency brings with it such bliss”! Karen believes that ‘if you’ve visited Baja Sur more than 4 times in the last 6 years, you’ve already moved; you just forgot to bring the rest of your belongings with you”!

Though technology in Mexico is not quite on par with the USA, Karen found that maintaining her international online Japanese print business was fairly easy. Her business management degree from Pacific Lutheran University in WA state, participation in one of the very first IT training/licensing seminars, and employment with an Internationally known Humanitarian Organization during those years enhanced an intense understanding of how important the listening half of communication with clients and partners is to bringing potential investor and final investment together.

Karen’s sales and technical skills, added to her husband’s drive, intuition, business expertise, and success in sales, have made this couple an extremely productive Real Estate Sales team in Los Cabos for the last 16+ years. As part of a successful team, collaborating with investors or retirees looking for that ‘perfect property, Karen’s goal is to aid you, our client and future friend, in a smooth transition into your own Cabo Lifestyle.

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