Lenny Guillen

Real Estate Advisor

Born and raised in Mazatlán, Sinaloa…. Member of a large but united family. Worked in banking in the early years of career. 3 years later, my oldest sister invited me to visit her in Cabo, 1994 was life changing!! The “small town” was a  jewel, the same one that years later became the milk and honey worldwide destination. 

I’ve worked for Pueblo Bonito Corporation for the past 20+ years! Where I learned and fell in love with sales !! Vacation programs, fractional and full-time ownerships.

A single mom that thinks Education is one of the most important aspects of raising my kids, My daughter Fernanda (24 y/o) recently graduated college with a communication and logistics major, and a son Roberto (17 y/o)  senior in high school and very determined to pursue his dream regarding golf and real estate.

Now, it’s time to help YOU, to find your dream home, away from home, allow me to show you why everyday, more and more people choose Los Cabos, Mexico 
With professionalism, knowledge and love for this land, we will make great stories.
I am ready, are you ???

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