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Strong Growth Continues In Los Cabos

The market in Baja California Sur continues to grow, reassuring investors and giving them the confidence to keep building an even greater community for the full-time residents and those who love to vacation here in Los Cabos. We have seen the current market stabilize after seeing an increase of 30%-40% or more over the last couple of years, depending on amenities and community. What real estate investors love about Cabo besides its close proximity, weather, safety, and that it is primarily a cash market with many great opportunities. When searching for that perfect place to retire or spend more time, we are seeing strong and consistent growth, with more and more people wanting to enjoy the lifestyle. The luxury market has stabilized, and those who want to sell are looking to move up and invest into bigger property or a new community with more amenities. We continue to see more interest in Cabo Real Estate than ever before and momentum building with limited inventory with more people discovering Los Cabos.

People are asking why is the market getting stronger? What kind of growth are we seeing? What is selling the most? One of the best ways to gain an understanding of what’s happening with the Real Estate market in Los Cabos is to take a close look at the statistics. 

Real Estate Market Report | January 1st - May 31st 2024

2024 Market Report 13

Find Out What Is happening in the Los Cabos Real Estate Market!

Today, many investors are looking for more than just an investment, they are seeking a lifestyle that they can use, and get a good ROI while gaining equity. Los Cabos continues to surpass expectations while being close to home for many smart investors… Continue Reading Blog

2024 Market Report 12


Owning a Vacation home in Los Cabos is like a dream come true and easier than ever before, and the Oceanside Real Estate Group is happy to explain how the process works so you can feel comfortable making the next steps as choose where you want to spend your time.
Here is some information to know before purchasing your new Cabo vacation home:

1. Foreigners US/CA citizens can purchase property in Los Cabos with a Fideicomiso…

2. What is a Fideicomiso? It is a Mexican Bank Trust which allows foreign citizens to purchase coastal property within designated regions of Mexico, this is an instrument used for non-Mexican nationals, such as U.S. citizens and Canadians to purchase property in Cabo.

3.How does the Bank Trust Work? – The Mexican Government issues a permit to a Mexican Bank allowing the bank to act as the purchaser of the property. Click here to read more

Baja California Sur Market Report 2023

2024 Market Report 1

Los Cabos sees exponential growth and continues to be the most active and highly demanded market in mexico proving why expats are making the move.

2024 Market Report 6
Baja California Sur 2022

What About the Price per Square Foot?

For several reasons the price per square foot in Los Cabos can be tough to determine, here’s why:

  • Established communities vs pre-construction pricing.
  • Many properties feature large outdoor living spaces that are not included when calculating square footage.
  • Variable factors include area, gated neighborhoods, proximity to beach, amenities, beach clubs, restaurants, golf courses, security and privacy.
  • An average building construction price per sq in cabo starts close to $200 a Sq ft depending on the details and finishes. However, some oceanfront developments can be up to $1400 sq ft or more depending on the property.

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