Cabo del Sol brings a new level of luxury to los cabos!

Introducing New Developments: The Private Estates at Four Seasons Residences, Cove Club, Park Hyatt, and The Soho House

Situated along the stunning southern coast of the Mexican Baja, Cabo Del Sol is the ultimate destination resort community. In the center of the world-famous Corridor, Cabo Del Sol offers an unmatched and luxurious Baja lifestyle experience. World class golf and accommodations, thrilling ocean and mountain experiences, rare swimmable beaches and much more. Set amidst the 1,800-acre community, the new Cove Club is an exclusive golf and beach club with oceanfront homes, home sites and villas. For more than a generation, Cabo Del Sol has elevated Los Cabos from a “sleepy little fishing village” to a premier lifestyle destination, creating amazing experiences unlike any other.

Today, a brand new high-end luxury shopping center is currently under construction with exclusive retail brands like Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Prada, and many more, along with new five-star restaurants to the area. To gain access to play at the Ocean Course, you must own at the Four Seasons or the Cove Club. The Park Hyatt will be offering a new beach club membership soon for owners within Cabo del Sol with access to the desert course.  The new luxury shopping center, Ánima Village has been designed by Sordo Madaleno. Creating a place that elevates the senses and emotions, as well as the value of the natural environment, to align experiences of wellness, culinary, environmental awareness, art and sense of belonging.


New Hilton Hotel

Big news for all the travel enthusiasts out there! Hilton, a name synonymous with hospitality, is setting its sights on La Paz. The buzz is all about the upcoming transformation of the historic Hotel La Perla, a landmark located right across from the stunning Malecón in downtown La Paz.

This isn’t just a simple makeover; we’re talking a massive $10 million USD renovation. The 90-room hotel is being reimagined and revamped to meet the high standards that Hilton is known for. Picture this: modern amenities, top-notch service, and all the comforts you’d expect from a Hilton, paired with the unique charm and beauty of La Paz. 

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Close to 4 million visitors Cabo in 2023

Cabo had a spectacular 200-drone show lighting up the night sky at 11:59 pm along Cabo Bay. It was an extraordinary display, bringing a futuristic twist to our New Year’s celebrations. Imagine a fleet of drones dancing in unison, creating mesmerizing patterns and shapes against the backdrop of the night sky, it’s the perfect way to welcome the new year all while the fireworks lit up the bay.

As we start the New Year, there’s some exciting news brewing in Los Cabos. The hotel association has just dropped a hint that 2023 was a banner year for tourism in our sunny paradise. We surpassed a whopping 4 million tourists in 2023. That’s a lot of sunscreen, margaritas, and beach towels!

But that’s not the only thing growing in Los Cabos. Our destination now boasts 94 hotels, which is five more than we had last year and there are two more championship golf courses coming to Los Cabos soon. It’s a clear sign of how much we’re thriving as a tourist hotspot. The variety of accommodations means there’s something for everyone, from luxury resorts to cozy boutique hotels.

And let’s talk numbers, we now have 18,664 hotel rooms! Whether you’re here for the beaches, the nightlife, or the tranquil desert landscapes, there’s a room with an oceanview waiting for you.

So, a big congrats to everyone in Los Cabos, from the hotel staff to the local businesses and, of course, the visitors who make it all possible. Here’s to a record-breaking year and many more to come.





Los Cabos Closes the Year with High Resort Occupancy

The hotel scene is absolutely thriving! The hotel association of Los Cabos has just dropped some impressive numbers that paint a picture of a bustling resort destination. During the Christmas long weekend, the average occupancy hit a soaring 88 percent. And that’s not all, the average room rate was an eye-popping $550 USD!

Breaking it down by area, both San Jose del Cabo and the tourist corridor saw occupancy rates hovering around 87–88 percent. Cabo San Lucas, however, edged slightly ahead with a 89 percent occupancy rate. It’s clear that each part of Los Cabos has its own unique allure, drawing in crowds eager to soak up the sun, sea, and holiday spirit.

Looking ahead, the buzz isn’t expected to fade anytime soon. Lizli Orzi, the spokeswoman for the association, predicts similar numbers for the New Year’s celebrations. It seems like Los Cabos will continue to be the place to be as we wrap up 2023 and look torwards the new year.

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Property Tax Discount 2024


When it comes to properties, Los Cabos is definitely home to some of the most prestigious and breathtaking ocean view homes. But unlike the US or Canada your property taxes are a fraction of the cost. The real estate tax in Mexico is called Impuesto Predial. Paying your property tax here in Los Cabos comes with several options and even significant discounts. The official deadline is at the end of May, however, there are discounts available to those that pay earlier. Should you pay at the beginning of the year in January your discount will be 20% off, in February the discount is 15% off, in March the discount is 10% off and if you pay in April the discount will be 5% off! Additionally, there is an additional 30% tax break for owners over 65 years of age that have an INAPAM or Permanent resident card if you Pay in January. In order to pay your real estate tax payments, you will need your “Clave Catastral” which is your property tax Id number. It can be found in your Fideicamiso.

One option to pay and probably the most convenient option, is online at:  

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